Providence Newberg Medical Center

Yesterday morning, Andrew and I took a tour of The Birth Center at the hospital where we will be delivering Londyn. We, along with about 9 other couples were given basic information on hospital policies and protocol, and then escorted around the maternity floor where we will be spending our most current life-changing experience. It is such a beautiful facility, filled with a very peaceful atmosphere. I liked the feeling of it being a smaller hospital, very accommodating birthing suites and friendly staff. The birthing suites allow you to experience each phase of childbirth- labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum- all in the same room. Each room has a jetted jacuzzi tub, refrigerator, robe, slippers and everything you could possibly need in the event of childbirth. From the description, it sounds like we're staying at the Marriott! Not exactly...

Overall, it was a very comforting and exciting experience. It was comforting to have an idea of what to expect and know our surroundings when the anticipated event arises, while also being exciting in the fact that we will be having a baby in this hospital!

Also, I really appreciated their policy in having all newly born babies in the room with Mom and Dad at all times. Although, fatigue and anxiety are inevitable postpartum, it is nice to know that our baby will be with us the entire hospital stay. We will know where she is, at all times and can go with her when any testing or checks are to be performed. The purpose for this policy is to allow baby to bond with his/her parents instantly. I am fully in support of that!

The nurse leading the tour told our group that she gives these tours once a month and they are notorious for seeing at least one couple return that evening... in labor! Considering we were the furthest couple along in pregnancy... I was sure that we would be the lucky couple. Of course, baby Londyn will arrive when she is ready... and that wasn't the case last night.


LCM said...

I was glad about the baby staying with you all of the time too, until Maddy was born. She was so awful, they came and got her in the middle of the night for her hearing test and the nurse felt so sorry for me, she took her to the desk with her for a few hours, so I could sleep. I hope you have a nice quiet baby.

Kacie said...

Awww you poor thing! I was kind of secretly worried about that. Let's cross our fingers!