Baby Havin' Time!

We are officially in our 40th week and as antsy as can be! I have tried every natural method of induction possible. I am willing to try ALMOST anything. The keyword in that last sentence is ALMOST... as I have been given lots of advice from birthing veterans and frankly some are just WAY out there... for even me... a very desperate and anxious preggo. I won't list all of the suggestions... as this is a family blog *wink *wink... but trust me, some women will really do ANYTHING to get things movin' and groovin' in the labor department.

Last night, I finally fell asleep around 1:30am and then woke up at 3am... watched 3 movies, returned to bed- tossed and turned... gave up and went for a 1-hr walk with Sumo. On a positive note, I felt empowered and rejuvenated after walking! Then, Andrew and I went to Massage Envy- using the last massage on my membership. I have been looking forward to this massage and saving it for the most miserable of times! I'm pretty sure that an extreme lack of sleep + 40 weeks of pregnancy + labor pains, body aches, a swollen silhouette and labor-hypochondria = "most miserable of times."

I can honestly say that it was the best prenatal massage I have received since I started my 6-month membership! I asked her to hit the pressure points for induction and she was fabulous. She started with my back and by the time she moved onto my legs, I was already having contractions. I never thought that I would appreciate an infliction of pain that I paid for! Unfortunately, the contractions slowed down about 20 mins. after the massage was finished but I was determined to hold on to this painful motivation! We headed home and went for another walk!

Current Status: cramps, lower back pain and baby is low low low

***I intend on going for another walk this evening!


The Garver Family said...

I suggest not taking the castrol oil...or whatever it's called. It just tastes nasty and doesn't do a darn thing - I tried it.

My grandma jumped off her dresser and started labor...I don't recommend that.

And man, I know what you mean *wink wink*...bunch of weirdos out there. :)

Good luck anyway!

The Porters said...

Just think that round ball will be gone soon and you will be holding her in your arms!! Cant wait to see her!

Jadie said...

Kacie, I hear your water broke! So is it a June baby or a July one? Congrats!!