Today, we were able to meet with Endre, our doula for another visit to discuss birth plans. This time, Andrew was able to meet her and get to know more about her role in the delivery.

Prior to this visit, I have been getting more anxious, fearful and downright nervous about the birth. Whether I will be strong enough... what if something goes wrong? What if my anxiety becomes too overwhelming? All of these issues have been in the back of my mind lately, and Andrew usually puts out the fire by breaking down the given situation. "Yes... we are having this baby, and my body was created to birth a baby. It's going to happen... there's no turning back, and everything will be fine." Somewhere along those lines... is the typical "verbage" that goes along with Andrew's way of calming me down. Does this work? Yes. Usually it's only temporary as I am a worry wart and will continue to always be a worry wart.

Endre also went over a lot of items that we would have never even begun to put thought into, prior to the actual event- which is super helpful. This way we are more aware and prepared for the happening itself. I have always done better, having prepared and educated myself for situations... and this is definitely one I wouldn't want to neglect. Also, I have an appointment with our Nurse Midwife tomorrow, so it will be nice to go in with lots of questions and things discussed with our doula.

Overall, I am really happy we made the decision to have Endre for coaching and support. Considering we have never experienced this before, it's such a relief to have a 3rd party available with knowledge and advice.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you are having a midwife! Have you seen the documentary "The Business of Being Born"?
It really inspires women to go for the home birth of midwife birth. It reveals a lot of horrors of giving birth in American hospitals.

I am also a worry wort, and my husbands words calm me down for the most part. I wish you three the best of luck! Please write all about your midwife experience!
I want to be prepared when I have my own little one.

I love your blog, by the way.

Armitage Family said...

Phoebe! Thanks for checking out my blog :) I absolutely adore blogging.

As far as my birthing experience goes... yes, I do have a midwife but she is a Nurse midwife. She delivers in a regular hospital and I am perfectly fine with that! haha I most definitely plan on having an epidural as I do not do well with pain. I want to be comfortable so I can deliver the baby as easily as possible.

Although, I won't be using alternative birthing techniques, I do know of lots of women who have water births or even deliver in birthing centers- that have had extremely successful births. I think it's important to do what's best for you and especially whatever will make you comfortable. There's no way around the chaos of the event but you can at least do your best to accommodate the situation to your own particular needs!

scott newburn said...

I love reading you blog. It's fantastic. Once again good luck with the birth. I ended up having an epidural with Kayla (although I wasn't so happy I had to have one so soon into the labor) but counted my blessings when Kayla came out face up and weighing 8 lbs 5 oz. I believe it's the way to go and much more enjoyable. Having a baby was not bad at all and will not mind doing it again. We were also so thankful we had Kayla in the hospital because all appeared well and it was expected that the labor would be very quick, but when Kayla was born with some problems it was a blessing that the NICU was right on the same floor. We wish you the best,
Jessica Newburn

Kacie said...

Thanks Jessica! I love reading your blog and especially the cute photos of Kayla! She's getting to be so big! I'm so happy for your cute family and that Kayla is healthy :) I wish we lived closer so we could have play dates :(