Week 38: In a nutshell...

This past week has been quite the week. It is getting SO difficult to walk, move... and basically function. On Thursday morning I started getting strong pains and throughout the day, they proceeded to get more and more intense. My contractions were pretty far apart, but a dull pain existed in between. Finally, I was getting anxious and went to the clinic to have my midwife check my cervix. No progress. So all the pain was just a dress rehearsal. Since then, lots of discomfort and aches, but overall I'm still hangin' in there.

My shower was over a week ago, and since then I have been putting off the "putting away" of gifts. Half of the nursery floor was covered in items to be sorted and given a place of belonging. Did this task seem somewhat daunting? How about, frightening! Also, I have been putting off the packing of "the bag." Wouldn't you know it, Andrew's had his packed for a week now. Am I a slacker? Or maybe, just in denial. Either way, I'll take it. My mom has even volunteered repeatedly, offering to come help and even do the whole project! Well, Friday night rolled around and I woke up at 2:30AM... with a sudden urge to get the nursery in order. I spent almost 2 hours sorting, putting away and rearranging the room. Then, on Saturday- I packed my bag! I am ready to hit the hospital and get this show on the road! One slight problem... Londyn's feelings aren't quite mutual. Apparently, she's not ready yet. I think this lil' girl MIGHT... just might be more stubborn than her mother. Impossible... I know.

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