Learning Londyn

With our fickle Oregon weather these days, Londyn is getting tired of the same ol', same ol' around our house. Recently, we have received some hand-me-down baby doll items from Aunt Rebecca and found some fun toys at garage sales but these don't last long for our go-go-daughter. Londie Lou is a kid on the run and is constantly going! She loves to go out running errands and seeing new things. I don't blame her. I get anxious too if I stay home all day!

Ever since Londyn was a little baby, she has been fascinated with the television. I have heard and read so many negative things about babies and tv, so we try to limit it to one or two shows per day. She loves Baby Einstein, Baby Can Read, and anything with animals or music. It's exciting to interact with her and the prompts on the shows. She gets so happy and often mimics what the characters or people are doing.

She also loves books but only lasts a few moments at a time. Her favorites are books that have pictures of animals and babies.

It's amazing to watch our little one learn new concepts every day! We have been working on walking while holding hands. She used to get lazy and plop down on the floor after a few steps and now she is getting really into it!

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Laura said...

What a cutie!!! This is such a fun stage!