Cheese please.

This is an extremely cheesy post. Read at your own risk.
After the first three months of newlywed bliss, we were delighted and frightened to find out that we were pregnant! Yes, we were trying... but nonetheless, the news was a shock. Having met, married and started our family so quickly... the mass amounts of cuddling and mushy stuff was overshadowed by the reality of morning breath, peeing with the door open... giving birth and hormonal outbursts. Even through all the chaos in our first two years of marriage, I am head-over-heels in love with my husband.
We are approaching on our 2 year anniversary in a month or so and lately I've been reflecting on our time spent together thus far. Our lives together have been on fast forward up until now and we are just starting to stop and smell the roses.
Marriage is by no means easy. When I was a young woman, I dreamed of a future with my handsome husband and adorable kids. I can honestly say my dreams are coming true, but the work to get there is a daily feat.
Every day isn't always rainbows and picket fences in the Armitage home, but no matter what... it is days like today that I live for. Nothing particularly special happened today... no Hollywood romantic date or lavish gifts were given. But, when I went to work this morning... I couldn't wait to get home and see my man and my daughter. I got to take a nap with the Mr. before he went to work and ever since he left for work, I have been excited for him to return.

It's the one you love who turns those normal... average days into great ones.

Our first date @ Mimi's Cafe in May 2008


Laura said...

You are so cute! Those are the best days when you realize how much your husband really means to you, and how much you really love him even though neither of us are perfect. :)

Aaron + Kayti said...

i love this and most of all i love that you two love each other. there really is nothing better in the whole wide world and even though marriage is tough, those simple moments are the ones that you live by.


Jadie said...

Happy anniversary!!