Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend of family time and remembering our Veteran's. On Saturday we went downtown and spent the afternoon at the Portland Rose Festival with our new friends, Alex and Candace Salisbury. First dates with new couples can be tough and sometimes awkward, but we made it through this one... The Salisbury's are keepers. After the Rose Festival, we had them over for dinner and lots of laughs.
Sunday was special because Andrew had the day off from work and got to go to church the entire time and attend family dinner, which is a VERY rare occurrence. At family dinner, we celebrated Memorial Day and the June birthdays of my sister Jenelle, brother Kevin and sister-in-law Rebecca. BBQ + Family = Perfect Family Dinner!
This morning we attended a Memorial Day Service in our community. My dad was asked to speak on his service and experience with the military. Of course, he was an amazing speaker... and it was a beautiful service.
Following the service, we had fresh BBQ ribs for lunch! A perfect ending to a wonderful holiday weekend.

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The Porters said...

We are doing the akward new couple thing with a few people too. :) You are right, its hard to feel comfortable at first. But anyways I am glad you guys had a great memorial day weekend! I miss ya!!