The Few and the Proud

All week I have been reflecting on the approaching Memorial Day weekend. For many, Memorial Day is known as a free ticket to a long and relaxing weekend, accompanied by a traditional BBQ. Growing up, that was how I thought Memorial Day was spent.

When I first married Andrew, I had no idea what I was signing up for as a military wife. Quite honestly, I was ignorant and thought he looked smokin' in his uniform.

In the two years of marriage to my Marine, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and experience just a small fraction of the sacrifice that our servicemen and women make for this country. Memorial Day isn't about the 3-day weekend... vacations... and BBQs. It is about Uncle Gerry- a noble Colonel in the Marine Corps, Grandpa Strawn- a courageous soldier in WWII, Grandpa Milne- a fighting POW in WWII and so many more that have left marks in our nations history. These brave individuals are the reason we live and breathe freedom at this present time. A war is still being fought. Lives are still being sacrificed. We as US citizens have much to appreciate and celebrate this Memorial Day.

Enjoy your loved ones this weekend and celebrate our beautiful country. Remember to reflect on what this holiday really means by attending a Memorial Day service, calling a Veteran in your family and thanking them for their sacrifice or by simply including the many brave men and women in your prayers.

Happy Memorial Day. Semper Fidelis.

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