mama's day

On this day last year, Londyn was outgrowing my belly... poking, squirming around and had the hiccups every 5 minutes. My frequent potty runs in the middle of the night, were like clock-work. I had my waddle down to a choreographed dance. My back constantly hurt... and still isn't the same today. We had just gotten comfortable in our little home and finished decorating the nursery. Multiple trips to McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell were a daily occurrence. When soaking in the tub every night, my belly always got cold because the water wasn't even close to high enough.
I was ready to pop.
I was starting to get nervous... and unsure of whether I could fulfill the role of motherhood.

An entire year has gone by since that time... and I can say, I'm doing it. It's not easy but worth every milestone and every devilish grin that she gives me before she goes and does something naughty.
Being a mom is even better than I had imagined. I cherish this time that I have with Londyn and look up to all of the mom's in my life that teach me on a regular basis what kind of mother I want to be. It is such an unexplainable joy to watch this tiny part of Andrew and I grow right before our eyes. I am blessed to be sealed to my two favorite people for all eternity.

Happy Mama's Day.


Tara and Andrew said...

SO PRECIOUS! i can relate to having those crazy thoughts with this little baby inside me :)

The Armitage Family said...

It's such a crazy time Tara! Just enjoy it! I love you so much and can't wait to see your little man!