10 months

Londie Lou is 10 months old today! She is constantly doing new things and developing her sassy personality. Lately, she has been reprimanding her mother! I don't know where she got this from, but she likes to shake her head no when she doesn't like something. Especially yesterday when I was toting her around to different stores, we would be strolling down the aisles and she kept shaking her head with a grumpy scowl on her face. She also started pointing her finger and shaking it up and down when we say no to her. I absolutely adore when she does these things! She is such a little-big girl now! I know I probably won't like this attitude when she's older... but for now, I'm loving it!

Unfortunately she has been sick for an entire week with a constantly runny nose, cough and fever. Since she hasn't improved, I finally took her in to the urgent care this morning. She was not a fan of the exam at all. Big alligator tears were involved. The poor kid was a hot mess. I didn't give her any meds before the appointment to get an accurate exam. She had a temperature of 100.4 and was miserable. Luckily for us, it's a virus and we
just need to wait it out.

I'm not gonna lie, my favorite part was the lil' Dr. Suess printed gown that they
had me put on her.

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The Lathrop's said...

I wish I lived closer - I would LOVE to LOVE on Londyn - she is the sweetest!!