daddy's little girl

Tonight I had the opportunity to help out at an event that my dad held as an evening to educate and discuss dental implants with his colleagues. All I really did was show up in a suit (I cleaned up quite nicely, as a matter of fact), welcomed guests and enjoyed the delicious grub!

The affair was at a hotel in downtown Portland, so on my way home I had a bit of time to think. Having a chance to review how the evening turned out, it made me realize how much of a stud my dad is. He truly is one amazing man. He gave a wonderful presentation and made the effort to connect with each of his guests throughout the evening. My dad has a way of making people feel special, like they are someone important and needed. He does so much for those around him and asks for nothing in return.

In my 23 years of being his daughter, he has acquired a long list of roles in my life. Not only is he my dad, but he is my bishop, my boss, my landlord, my financial advisor and of course one of my best friends. Among all of the many responsibilities that he has on his plate, he always has time to answer my calls and still be my dad. What a man.

I am one lucky daughter.

I look up to this man so much. Aspiring to be more like him, makes me a better person.
This was our father/daughter dance at my wedding.

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Kelly(M&M) said...

Such a sweet post, Kacie. You do have a wonderful dad and it is so great that you recognize it. Thanks for sharing and making me cry. :-)