miso hungry.

One would think that being of the "Asian Persuasion" would make me a sushi master. Unfortunately, this Korean just loves to eat this fine artistic cuisine! Over the years I have always wanted to learn how to roll my own sushi. Not until I married Andrew, did I meet an authentic sushi master, my very own MIL! Mama Brendi makes some mean sushi rolls and taught Andrew and I a thing or two a couple of year's ago. I'm ashamed to say that we haven't practiced our technique since that first experience. Mama Brendi gave us a sushi-making kit for Christmas and we decided to test our skills by making some today! We already had the nori seaweed, rice and rice vinegar. For filler, we used tuna fish and avocado.

This is a photo of my second attempt.

Thanks Mama Brendi (or should I say... Sushi Master)!

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