Domestic Diva

My seeds are sprouting!  I never thought I would be so excited to see little green things popping up out of soil, but I honestly didn't think that I could do it!  Obviously we still have a LONG ways to go... and I still have time to butcher the job.  But, I am still proud of my little sprouts!  I check them at least 3 times a day!

Not only is my sister teaching me about gardening, she taught me how to bake artisan bread!  As I have mentioned many times before, I do not bake.  Baking is just really intimidating to me and if it doesn't come in a box with the requirements of an egg, oil and water... forget it.  I'm not your girl. 
With that said, I was hesitant but wanted to impress my hubby by trying this so-called 5-minute Artisan Bread  recipe.  The title says it all and it really is just that simple!  Even though it is easy, I was still really proud of myself for starting and completing the task, successfully.  Usually when attempting to bake, I get side-tracked and either forget about it... leading to burnt goods or undercook it... leading to mush.  I'm telling you, baking and I just don't go together.  
Not only is this recipe easy and delish, it turns out so pretty and makes me look really good in the kitchen!

Thanks Jen for being patient with your little sis!


Brendi68 said...

HMMMMM....looks yum! You'll hafta bake some next time we visit! Hopefully this summer! *hint hint*

The Armitage Family said...

Thanks Brendi! I will definitely show off my baking skills when you visit next time :) haha Because... it is SOOO hard to make something look and taste this good ;)

Laura said...

I think I might need this recipe, and the gardening tips too!! I really want to plant my own herbs this year!!