Easter Fun & Friends

I have been feeling like I need to be a better mom and do more to accomodate for the little world that Londyn lives in.  Some days I feel like I just expect her to fit into my to-do list, chores and schedule... when really, she is the reason I do all that I do!  Therefore, I have decided to be more patient, more creative and more loving.  

I decided to start this new goal by throwing an Easter Egg Hunt & Luncheon for some of Londyn's friends.  My goal was to not just invite MY friends with little ones, but to actually invite the kids that Lulu loves to spend time with.  We are so lucky to have so many fabulous families nearby that we just absolutely adore!  

I was shocked that everyone we invited was able to attend!  It was SO fun! 

I made PB&J squares & ants-on-a-log for the kiddos!  Everyone else signed up to bring a salad, fruit or sweet treat to share!


Londyn's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

Mom's & older siblings helped the little ones find eggs!

The only bummer was the cool temperature during the party.  Some of the kiddos were freezing, playing and eating inside to warm up!  Of course, Londyn wanted to be outside the entire time and even wanted to take her coat off.

Londyn is so lucky to have her cousin Kyler.  He always looks out for her!

Some of the kids checking out their loot!

We had such a fun time and can't wait to throw our next party, Londyn's 2nd birthday!


We spent the evening with friends, eating pizza and dying Easter eggs!  Andrew hadn't dyed Easter eggs since elementary school, so he went to town in the creativity department.  He made the landscape scene and the Humpty Dumpty egg... now that's what I call talent!

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The Leiths said...

that is so cute! you threw one good party! and andrew made a very good egg. :)