Chalk it up to IKEA

Last weekend, we took a trip to IKEA. It was so nice to go for the IKEA experience, without a time constraint or any specific purchase in mind. Of course, we couldn't walk away from IKEA without a few things... but the most successful buy was a children's table and chairs for our play room.

It was a perfect family outing... but I must say, my favorite part was the 99 cent breakfast!

As for the table... we had genius plans to use chalkboard paint to create a dual tabletop and chalkboard. It's fabulous!


Londyn likes the chalkboard... almost a little too much.

The only downfall is that LJ is obsessed with chalk now and it is EVERYWHERE!


Laura said...

OH!!! I love that!!! My girls would go crazy over that!! Looks like Londyn loves it too!!

Tara and Andrew said...

that is so cute! what a good idea!

The Armitage Family said...

Yes, she is so in love with it! We are taking a little break from the chalk and just using the table... as my entire upstairs now looks like I have dusted for a century!