Moving Day!!! ... or weekend?

We have been working WORKING working towards our estimated moving day, all week long! It is such a relief to have finished all the renovating, cleaned the place, installed this and that, here and there... and now... as I blog, the carpet is being installed in our lovely abode-to-be. The carpet will be finished by this afternoon and then the MOVE will take place. I have rented a U-HAUL to transport our belongings from Mom & Dad's to the house. Oh boy, am I excited! We are planning to move everything this evening, distribute items to their proper place in the house... and then tomorrow, the chaos will begin- UNPACKING! Ahhh! I haven't quite hit my anxiety peak yet, but I'm sure it will form when the unpacking extravaganza begins.
As new homeowners we are worn out but enjoying the process! Yesterday, we got a lot accomplished and confirmed moving plans for this weekend. After pulling the last remaining staples from the floors, organizing our garage for the anticipated clutter that awaits, sweeping floors beyond my hearts content, making my 500th trip to Home Depot, picked out and purchased a dining table, assisted Andrew in the installation of misc. hardware and fixtures... and plain old growing a freakin' baby in my belly!!! I am exhausted. Besides the exhaustion and minor frustrations of being somewhat homeless for only 24 more hours... I am beyond thrilled and grateful for the blessing that has come into our lives. To be as young and newly-married as we are, with a lil' one on the way, a home of our own is truly a blessing. Somehow we are making it work and I firmly believe that our faith has brought us to this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you to all who have supported us through simple encouragement and also sweat-support, in helping us accomplish all that we have in just 2 weeks! It has been a roller coaster for sure, but the rush and newness of it all has been well worth it!


Aaron + Kayti said...

such big news kace! we are so happy for you guys and i know that you will both be happy in your new home. hard work really pays off huh?!


The Porters said...

I am so happy you finally get to move in! I am jealous! Someday we will have a house that's not my parents ;)