Movin' On Up!

Welp, the move was a success! It all began on Friday afternoon when I, yes the LARGE prego lady went and picked up the UHaul myself. I was a big mama on big wheels! Andrew, Dad, Bec and Mikayla were fabulous in packing up the first load. We also packed up our vehicles with "stuff" and headed on over to the house. Just in time, the Christensen's, the Riquelme's and Brent Christensen all showed up to help with the movin' and groovin'. They quickly unloaded and headed back to Mom & Dad's for the remaining items. It went by so quickly and really was a smooth move.
Then... reality set in. We have moved. Now... it's time to unpack. Who knew we came with such baggage! Baggage galore! Luckily I have an Energizer Bunny for a husband and he just keeps going... and going... and going. He has done most of the work, as it took me a couple days to recover from the move. I was workin' up a sweat! For now, we are still settling in to our lovely abode and thanking our lucky stars for all the blessings we've received in the last year.
It is definitely a time of celebration for the Armitage family. We love each and every one of you and are grateful for all of your examples in our life.
Thank you family and friends.
P.S. Pictures of the house will be posted soon.

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The Lathrop's said...

Glad to hear you are all moved in - feels good doesn't it?