Real Deals: Home Decor

This morning, I tagged along with Bec to a home decor shop that she loves! She told me that they have super cute finds at very reasonable prices. With the new house taking shape, I can't wait to put my own touch on the space.
Check out the site for locations all over the U.S. :
Cute sign for the exterior entry $9.99

Unique lamps: Black/Gold $18.99, Red/Mustard $14.99


rlmquest said...

I love what I bought today!!!! The mustardy basket with red flowers looks great on the wall next to my back door! I love it!!! The DownEast shirts look real good and sexy!!! Thanks for coming with me!

Armitage Family said...

"Sexy" is your word lately! I love it :) Thanks for letting me come with you! The chat was much needed and I love what we both left with. I can't wait to see how it all looks in your house!

Brendi68 said...

Good job on the exterior light, Handyman!!