H & S Company: 6th Engineer Support Battalion

On Saturday, March 7th, Andrew attended his first drill with the new unit here in Portland, Oregon. He got all snazzied up in his uniform and was lookin' good! Usually, with drill... in Utah, he would go and I wouldn't see him all weekend because they stayed overnight in the barracks on base. With the new unit, I wasn't sure what to expect... since it's so close, we were hoping they would let him come home at night. Fortunately- at about 8:30pm... my Marine waltzed in with a not so pleasant look on his face. UN-fortunately... as with everything in the military, there was some miscommunication and mix-ups. Both him and the new unit were given wrong information and it turned out that they were not prepared for his arrival. Andrew was given very little information to prepare him for the new unit, but was assured that drill started on the 7th... when in fact it started on the 6th... so he was a day late, and they told him the WRONG uniform... so he wasn't dressed appropriately. This was not the first impression he wanted to make and was frustrated by the end of a very long day. They asked him to come back in a few days to finish up paperwork and when he arrived for that... he was surprised to find out that the Marine Corps. never made record of our marriage within the system. This paperwork was made sure to be taken care of right away when we were in Utah as we didn't want anything to slip through the cracks. Of course... we can only do so much on our end. Andrew now has to find this documentation that is BURIED in our many boxes of belongings and re-submit it to the new unit.
All in all, it was an interesting way to transfer units. Let's just say... Andrew is counting down the days, months and years to be out of the Marine Corps.

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