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Sumo vs. The Belly

Sumo & Mommy

On Saturday we got the news from my sister that it just wasn't working out between her family dog Maggie and their new puppy Bronco. The two just weren't a good fit. My sister was looking in to finding a new home for Bronco and knew how much I've been wanting a puppy! Andrew, being the wonderful husband that he is... allowed a "trial run" with the puppy. But between you and me, he was in love at first sight with the lil' guy. We went through several different names: Sushi, Soy Sauce, Kikko (Kikkoman), Maki.... and landed on the golden name, Sumo. He was our lil' Sumo pup. As you can tell from the context of this post... it is in reference to the "past." With the move-in, and the baby on the way... Sumo just wasn't a good fit for our family at this point in time. I shed some tears... and some more tears... but ultimately it is the best decision. Overall it was a blessing in disguise to have the opportunity to have a puppy for a trial-period... and learn that at this point in time our focus is preparing our home and taking care of our baby.

Love you Sumo! We will miss you!
Cuddling... what Sumo does best.

Wannabe Batman

Sumo & Daddy

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