Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

Just a week ago tomorrow, we received the exciting news that our house became OURS! We have wasted NO time at all and got our contractor right in to get workin'. He has done such a fabulous job in dedicating long hours and detailed work to make our house a genuine gem in the rough. I'm especially pleased with the interior color we chose to paint the walls and ceilings throughout.
Here are some photos that I took today!
Hall Bathroom

Doors drying... previously a tinged yellow color

Master Bath

Master Bedroom


Our Absolute FAVORITE change... The trim that was previously an oak finish

Back Porch Light - Andrew installed today

New Exterior Lights - Andrew installed today


Anonymous said...

This looks so pretty, Kacie! you must be very proud and happy :) The color you picked is one of my absolute favorites for interior walls because it gives such a warm and cozy feeling!

Christin said...

Kacie, I love your little blog and that you are pregnant already! Wow. You look great and I am so glad that you and Andrew are so happy!

Armitage Family said...

Thanks! I'm so excited about the house and all the events taking place. It's overwhelming at times but SO worth it :)