An Honor

A year ago this weekend, a miracle happened and we were able to bring Zoe home from the hospital... just in time for what would be my only Mother's Day with both of my girls. 

Although we were overwhelmed with her critical condition, including oxygen and tube feeds, none of that mattered because we were finally home together as a family. 

That was and will always be my most treasured Mother's Day. It gave me an opportunity to celebrate the holiday with a new perspective. Instead of needing to be validated and recognized for the sleepless nights, never ending housework, bodily fluid cleanup, tantrum handling, Mac & Cheese feeding days of motherhood, it was a day of recognizing the true gift that I was given the day I became a mother. 

Last year, it wasn't about gifts and cards or breakfast in bed. I had spent the entire night waking up to an alarm every 3 hours to start a tube feed, check Zoe's O2 sats and pray that I could be enough for this child. 

My gift that Sunday was taking a short but monumental walk around the neighborhood with my family. It was so much more than just a simple walk. It was a family moment that I will never forget. I am proud to be a mother, both to an angel and an adorable little 3 year old. This role that I have given is an honor and I am truly blessed be called "Mom" each and every day. 

Happy Mother's Day to every woman, mother, grandmother, aunt and godmother.  We as women have the ability to love and nurture children in a very special way and today is a day to celebrate.  

To my fellow moms of angels, Happy Mother's Day. Although we aren't snugging our babies today, we will be with them again... Forever, in fact.  You are a loved daughter of our Heavenly Father and He knows the pain and heartache you may feel today. From another mom who knows your sorrow and grief, you are not alone. Grab a Diet Coke, have a good cry and give yourself a break <3

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