19th Hole

Over the passed few weeks, I have been busily planning and preparing for my Dad's retirement party.  After 6 years of school, an internship in D.C., Dental Corp in the Army, a trauma rotation in Hawaii and 36 years in practice, this man is more than deserving of this next transition to retirement.  If you know my dad, you probably never thought he would retire.  In fact, he still doesn't use the term "retirement" rather he refers to this next adventure as "changing venues." (denial kicking in)  Whatever floats your boat, Dad!

When his office manager Vonda asked me to do the decorations for his party, I was knee-deep in planning for my AG Dancers Winter Showcase, meeting my birth mom in just a few weeks and oh yeah, CHRISTMAS! Not to mention, moving into their house come February.  Eek!  I would do absolutely anything for this man, so planning a party just for him was an honor.

He knew very little about the party, including my involvement.  He thought it would be very low key and even low attendance.  Just a few days before the party, my Dad invited me to dinner and a broadway show.  I admit, I already had plans that included a late night date with my hot glue gun, Netflix and a ton left to do before the party.  But none of that mattered because precious time with my Dad is just that.  Precious.

He loves golf and has finally had a little more time over the past year to hit the courses with his brother.  With that in mind, I decided on the theme "Dr. Milne's 19th Hole."  I thought I was so clever with the theme, but thanks to Google I found out that the "19th hole" reference is an actual thing.  The golf theme made for endless possibilities, but ultimately I just wanted my Dad to feel special.

The event was held in the Oregon room at the Doubletree Hotel.  This hotel is just around the corner from my Dad's office.  He has hosted countless study clubs and events at this venue.  It only seemed fitting to have his last hoorah there!

18 Holes: Childhood to Now

I had lots of help too!  My friend Lennae put together the words & turf and my sister made a fabulous cake!

19th Hole: Mission in Guatemala

We had oldies music playing in the background, a delicious spread of hors d'oeuvres and a number of guests in attendance to say "see ya later."   

At the end of the evening, his long time partner Dr. Bozich gave some lovely words about Dr. Milne.  To conclude, Andrew and I put together a video of messages from most all of the family members from oldest to youngest.  It was only fitting since family is the most important thing to him.

I love when a vision comes together!

The very next day, we were in the Sherwood office by 7:30am for our last day EVER as Sherwood Oral Surgery.  This office has meant a lot to me as I was pregnant with Londyn when we first opened.  I was working there throughout my entire pregnancy with Zoe.  Having worked off and on for my Dad since I was 12 and although I didn't always enjoy it in my younger years, I am beyond grateful for the experiences and memories that I will always cherish.  He has a way of teaching, inspiring and touching lives like no one else I have ever met.  He is the most selfless and Christlike individual, not only with his family and church callings, but even with patients and colleagues.  It has been such a blessing to work for and alongside him over the years.  I am do lucky to have watched my father in multiple capacities as doctor, boss, bishop, friend, brother, grandfather and father.

Tomorrow will be his last day in his Portland office.  He will officially be retired, even if it is only for a few weeks before he "changes venues" to Guatemala for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I have heard from many of his staff members of how sad they have been with his leaving.  He has been more than a boss to them, but a friend and a father-figure.  It is hard to see this chapter come to a close, but when he walks out of those office doors for the last time tomorrow... I don't have to say goodbye.  I get to have him in my life forever.  That's the beauty of family.  It's never goodbye!

Sherwood Oral Surgery Team

Without knowing, our last patient just happened to be the daughter of one of Zoe's beloved Cardiology Case Managers Tami.  She knew my dad was an oral surgeon but wasn't familiar with his last name and had no idea her daughter's appointment was with us.  It made our last surgery together even more special.  

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