Christmas 2012

Tradition: Christmas Eve Jammies

After sprinkling magic reindeer food (raw oats and glitter) outside, we set out cookies and milk for Santa.  Londyn included a cute note for the big guy.  

At about 7:30am on Christmas morning, Lulu walked into our room and laid down on her "ground bed" on the floor.  When I saw her, I was too excited to let her go back to sleep so we all got up to go see what Santa had brought us.  

She got a castle tent and a "kitchen table" as she calls it... it's a table that is also a kitchen.

Santa's reply!  She was disappointed that Santa didn't eat all of the cookies we left out.

I didn't take a ton of pictures this year as I wanted to just enjoy the moments as they were instead of trying to reenact them in front of the lens.  I didn't snap any of Andrew, but I shocked him with an iPad which he thoroughly deserves.  He has and continues to work so hard for us.  I just wanted him to have a purely unnecessary and completely indulgent Christmas surprise.

Andrew did good this year.  I didn't have a wedding band and after our four years of marriage, this ring means more to me than if he had given it to me on the day I said "I will."  More than the diamonds, I am in love with the hearts.  When I look at my engagement ring, I instantly think of how that crazy boy  knelt down on one knee and placed it on my finger just a few days after we met... when I look at my wedding ring, I think of Zoe.  I think of our girls.  I think of our eternal journey together.

Like I said... he did good.

A few days after Christmas, we headed to the coast for an overnight stay.  It was a nice family getaway of relaxing, shopping and eating.  

My sister's family rented a condo with a three night minimum.  They only wanted two nights, so we took the third off their hands.  Jenelle's youngest daughter Samantha is one of Londyn's best friends.  Sammie is so good to Londyn and always makes her feel special.  We asked Sam to stay at the coast with us because Londyn gets lonely a lot and she made our trip so much fun!

Londyn's favorite dolly that she named Emily is never far from her side... even on a trip to the coast.
The girls had their own room with a flat screen TV.

At the outlet mall

The beach at night during low tide

Even though it was freezing, Londyn loved seeing the water and sand!

Always posing...

 Silly girls on the car ride home

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