Handy Andy: Loft Bed

Handy Andy is at it again... he's been working really hard for the past two weekends to build this amazing twin size loft bed for Lulu.  

The Before picture below is rarely what Londyn's room looks like.  It is usually wall to wall covered in toys.  To utilize the vaulted ceilings, we wanted to put a loft bed in her room.  She is getting older, but we weren't super comfortable with her climbing a 6 ft. vertical ladder in the middle of the night, so Andrew created one with stairs.  When she gets older, the stairs can be removed and another ladder rung can be added.  One of the best perks is that with the cost of lumber, paint and the IKEA mattress, this bed cost significantly less than the cheapest of metal loft beds AND it has so much more character!

I seriously can't believe how fast he was able to make this huge piece of furniture.  I should know by know that when he gets going on a project, he doesn't stop.  By the way, he got off work at 7:30 this morning and hasn't slept yet... he was too excited to get it finished before Lulu got home from dance today.  

Londyn knew Daddy was working on a project but didn't know who it was for or what it was that he was making.  He just kept saying it was for someone special.  He told her earlier this week that on Wednesday, he had a surprise for her.  She was SO excited to come home to see her surprise, a brand new bed that Dad made just for her.

Andrew says all that work was worth it to see her reaction and how happy it makes her.  
She could not stop laughing!

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