The morning of New Years day, we went up to my brother Kevin's house to practice shooting Andrew's new hand gun. I thought this gun would be much easier than his others, as it's much smaller and looked to be the perfect size for me!
When it got to be my turn, I thought I knew exactly what I was doing... so I loaded the gun, stood steady and fired. You're thinking... whoop-de-freakin'-doo, right? Wrong. Prior to shooting the gun, I forgot to evaluate how my hands were positioned. They were not in the right position... which led to the action kicking back and biting me right on the knuckle of my thumb.

I turned around and said, "Uh... I'm bleeding." As we walked back up to the house, it kept bleeding and bleeding all over the place (Sorry Bec for the blood splattered on your front porch). After applying pressure, I could see a white surface within the wound and was convinced it was my bone. Hello... I see open skin, white and think bone... wouldn't you? Wrong again. Doc said it was just a layer of fat under the skin... which was not nearly as dramatic of a response I was fishing for.

We went to the Urgent Care while my nieces watched Londyn. Doc gave me 4 stitches and sent me on my way. The anesthetic was the most painful part!

Yesterday was the first day post-accident and I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like no other. I seriously thought something was broken. The Vicodin helped me sleep at night, so at least I got some rest.
Today I woke up and it was feeling tons better! I could actually put pressure on my other fingers without getting a shooting pain down my hand. Although, the improvement quickly vanished when Londyn threw a tantrum and kicked me in the hand. Gotta love the kid.

Who can top that New Year's story for starting 2011 off with a bang?

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Jennifer said...

ow that looks like it hurts