Miss Independent

Ever since we got back from California, Londyn has had a major tude. Of course, she's still cute... but she either wants me to hold her right when I'm in the middle of taking dinner out of the oven or she is throwing a fit because I am trying to help her use a fork. She has always been sassy... but I think we're getting a sneak peak at the terrible 2's.

Here is the little stinker at dinner tonight... with a nutritious helping of Chef Boyardee (don't judge me). She pitched a fit when I tried to spoon some of the noodles onto her tray and had to have the whole container to herself. I usually don't allow such a fit, but I have been up in the middle of the night with her for as long as I can remember... and I really just didn't care. Who knew a spaghetti sauce facial could be so cute!

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