Shoe Fettish

Londyn is showing me more and more how much of a girlie-girl she is becoming! Along with a love for getting her hair done, she loves to play with makeup and now has a fettish for shoes. All shoes. She is constantly walking around saying "Shoes... SHOES... shoes..." in my shoes or trying to put her own shoes on.

Last week we met some friends at the mall and Londie Lou got a chance to check out one of my favorite places... the Nordstrom's shoe department. Just like me, she has to touch and feel every textile. I'm training her well!

I like these...
and these too.
How do I look?
Oooo Daddy pants


Christin said...

I was like that too when I was little, and still of course love shoes. She is darling!

Brendi68 said...

HAHAHA! What a lil' cutie pie...taking after her Fashionista Mom!!

Eric and Chasten said...

So cute! I'm glad to see you are teaching her early. I hope Andrew is prepared to take a second and third job to support his girls!