G-Sale Finds

Last weekend we held our very first G-Sale and after that experience, I have a much greater appreciation for the G-Sales that I scope out every weekend.  On Fridays, I work in the afternoon... so Londyn and I usually head out first thing in the morning to hunt for super finds!  I am a pretty picky G-Saler so I rarely actually buy anything, but today I totally scored! 

I have been eyeing this pink and purple Radio Flyer trike for Lulu since her 2nd birthday, but couldn't justify the bank I would have to rob to get it for her... and even on Craigslist, they are spendy!  I like em' cheap!  I really lucked out today, because I found one for 3 BUCKAROOS!  WHAT - A - FIND!  It's in fab shape and Londyn loves it.  

Londyn showed me the tassel and said "Pink bow, mama!"

I also found a My First LeapPad that came with 3 books for only 5 bucks.  She loves books and interactive toys, so it's the perfect combo!  

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