The Mr. turns 26

Can I just say, I love this man! 
On the 8th of this month, Andrew turned 26 and I think I nailed it on the spoiling!  In the past, I have always thought the bigger the surprise, the better!  But, after a few years... I have learned that my husband is a simple man and less is more.  The more extravagant plans are just not his style.

We kicked off his birthday the Friday before, and went as a family to Red Robin, followed by shopping for some new kicks! (which was an interesting experience with a screaming Lulu... who was determined to push the cart into everything, rather than sit in it... ugh).


His actual birthday was on Monday.  Lulu and I woke him up with breakfast in bed and a new bottle of his favorite cologne.  The best part was surprising him with news that we got to spend the WHOLE day celebrating his birthday with him... he looked confused... I then explained that I had arranged with his manager a couple weeks prior and he had the day off!  We then proceeded with the entire day being about him because he totally and completely deserved it!  We bought him some school clothes and then in the evening, we had date night!  We went to dinner at Famous Dave's, followed by Coldstone... YUMM-O! 

I hope my man felt as special on his day as he truly is to me.
Happy Birthday babe.

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