Londyn Joy: 2 years 11 months

I can't believe Londyn will be turning 3 next month!  Where has the time gone?  She has transitioned so well with Zoe's arrival.  I'm the luckiest mom to have Londyn in my life.  She is the craziest, most hilarious, sassy diva of a little girl.  She is constantly talking up a storm, singing songs and playing pretend with her Barbie's and baby dolls.

Right now, her favorite songs are: 
"The Family Song" - Families Can Be Together Forever
"The Temple Song" - I Love To See The Temple
"Child of God" - I Am a Child of God
These three are her requests every night when tucking her in to bed.

Lulu's dance recital is next week and her routine is so dang cute... mostly because she's in it.  I just can't get enough of watching her dance!  She loves to dance.  I wonder where she gets that from?  Picture day was yesterday and Lulu loved her costume.  Her class is dancing to a song from the Lion King and Londyn has really perfected her lion roar.  I just love this face.

She picked this outfit herself to go out with Grandma Milne.  Got pink?

Londyn is such a smarty pants!  I know everyone says their kids are the smartest kids on earth... but seriously, it's true!  She is so good at memorizing.  After teaching things 1 or 2 times, it's sealed in that little vault of hers and she remembers most everything.  It's too bad that vault doesn't remember that pacifiers are only for bedtime... and whining is not cool!  Baby steps...

When's your birthday? "July second birthday" - not sure why she adds birthday at the end... but she kind of sounds like a robot haha
What's dad's name? "Andrew Thomas Armitage"
What's Zoe's name? "Zoe Grace Armitage"
What's mom's name? "Kacie Linh Armitage"
My favorite is when strangers ask her what her name is and instead of saying Londyn, she says "Londyn Joy Armitage"
How old are you? 2... I be 3 soon.

She also counts up to 12 and is working on her numbers all the way to 20.

Lulu loves recognizing letters.  Whenever she see's an "L" anywhere out in public, on TV or in a book... she says "That's my L!"

We've been working on writing her name and she has her L, O & N down.

Londyn can't stop talking about school.  She is SO excited to start preschool at Aunt Becca's house.  My sis-in-law Rebecca has started her own in-home preschool, called Wild Acres Preschool.  They live out in the country and have tons of ground for the kids to explore, play and learn.  Londyn will start school in September and attend two days a week.  She know's all the kids that will be going to her school and she could not be more ready to learn!

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