Zoe Grace: Small heart, BIG miracle

Over the last three days, we've gotten our Zoe back.  She has been so alert and playful.  Our night nurse for the first three days in the ICU set up a mobile and mirror on Zoe's crib.  She loves playing with it so much, that I think she has a little crush on the jelly fish.  She reaches for the fish, talks up a storm and sticks her cute little tongue out at them.  

Zoe is such a fighter.  I knew she was strong, but seeing her like this only 4 days after having a stroke... is truly a miracle.

Much needed naps after all the playing.

We are waiting to draw her blood at 1pm and if her Phenobarbital and Lovonox levels are right where they are supposed to be, we get to take her home today!  Praying for good news!

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Eric and Sarah said...

I adore these pictures, Kacie. Such a beautiful, strong girl!