Zoe Grace: Blessed.

I will always cherish this day.  It all started out with the hectic routine of hustling around the house to get out the door and arrive 20 minutes late to church... but we made it!  I felt so strongly that I needed to walk that long walk from the hard seats, all the way up to the podium and bear my testimony.  I tried to suppress the feeling because I really had no idea where to start once I got up there.  I gave in and was completely guided by the Spirit.

This evening, I dressed my sweet Zoe Grace in her first white dress.  Before I put her dress on, I took a moment to look at all of her scars and bruises.  No matter how many times I look at them, my heart hurts every time.  She has already gone through so much more than most ever do in an entire lifetime... and this is only the beginning.

She is a fighter and continues to show her amazing strength every single day.

My mom does a lot of quilting and after a lady at her favorite quilt shop heard of Zoe's condition, she made this beautiful angel quilt for her.  The halo and wings are embroidered in the center of the quilt where baby can lie.  This could not be more fitting for our sweet Ziggy.

Andrew gave Zoe such a beautiful blessing.  I loved how Bishop Jaussi put it when he shared how special Zoe is and that any Melchizedek priesthood holder can give her a blessing but only Andrew can give her a fathers blessing.  I love my husband and am so grateful to have the priesthood in our home.  He loves our girls so much and sacrifices every day for our family.  

We have been so lucky to have my mother-in-law here for the past two weeks.  I can honestly say that I am sad to see her go back home to Utah tomorrow.  Her arrival couldn't have been timed more perfectly with all that has taken place during her stay.  Londyn has especially loved her personal playmate, Nana Brendi.  We are also blessed that she has been here for both Londyn and Zoe's baby blessings.  Our girls are so blessed to have grandparents that love and adore them as much as we do.

Can I just say, I love these two?  I want to be like them when I grow up.

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