Perfectly Normal

Today was a perfect Summer Saturday.  We were out the door by 9:15AM (meds done, shot given, feed started, everyone dressed, stroller and chairs loaded in the car) and heading to the annual Sherwood Robin Hood Festival.  I love the RHF and have been going ever since I was little.  The parade is filled with community members, businesses and organizations... and of course the most entertaining are the Sherwood residents who run around town in their "authentic" medieval garb once a year without looking completely nuts.  

After the parade, we ALWAYS walk into old town for Firemen's Chicken.  This is a tradition that was started by the firemen in Sherwood and has recently been carried on by the Sherwood Rotary Club.  Even though we probably inhaled an entire weeks worth of suggested sodium intake, the finger-lickin' goodness did not disappoint.  

We then headed home for some much-needed naps, yard work and dinner... all as a family.  Days like this make me feel normal... which is a rarity at the moment.  Glimpses of "normal" are tender mercies and I cherish these precious moments of all of us together.

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Nicole Heiner said...

wow! i just think you are super amazing for even getting out of the house with all you have to do to get ready!!! love the coordinating outfits on the girls! XO