Zoe Grace: EEG

Zoe had an appointment for an EEG today, which is the first test on her brain since it was confirmed that she had a stroke only one month ago.  I didn't sleep very well last night because I was so nervous for the results, but the appointment went well and the technician said that the results would be available today and if anything was emergent, we would know by this evening.  It is 10:30pm and it is a huge relief that we haven't heard any bad  news.  

Poor Zoe.  Every time we drive up to the hospital for an appointment, she spends the entire commute coughing and spitting up.  I have learned to take several burp cloths and extra clothes.

After I took Zoe out of her car seat, the last thing she wanted to do is be swaddled and held still while a bazillion leads were placed on her head.  But, was a trooper and as cute as can be throughout the entire process.
It takes about 45 minutes just to get all of the measuring and leads secured.

By the time he was ready to start the test, Zoe dozed off right on cue.

Yay!  She was so happy and rested when the test was finished.

I just love her cheeks and chubs.  I can't help but smooch on her all day long!

Random photo: Lulu and Zoe watching Go, Diego, Go
This was one of those moments that felt so NORMAL.  I love NORMAL moments.

Tomorrow morning we have her 3 month well child check with our pediatrician and a cardiology appointment in the afternoon. I can't wait to see how much weight she has gained and hopefully get a better idea of when Dr. King has her next heart surgery in mind.

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Jadie said...

Little Zoe is a trooper! And soooo stinkin' cute!