Londyn Joy: She's 3, you see!

After finally bringing Zoe home from the hospital on Thursday, there was no way we could pull off Londyn's birthday party without bringing in the big guns... aka family.  My mom prepared the most adorable decorations, her and my niece Megan made a super cute and delish cake, my brother Kevin opened his awesome home and hosted the entire shindig and everyone chipped in to help set up and make Londyn feel like the center of universe.

Birthday Girl

Zoe partied pretty hard too

Londyn has SO many people that love her and that clearly know how obsessed she is with Hello Kitty

Cousins Emma & Kayla

Londyn requested that we have fireworks at her party, so Andrew surprised her and took her to pick out fireworks earlier that day.  Unfortunately, she was more a fan of the idea... rather than the actual fireworks.  

Yesterday was Lulu's actual birthday and it started out by Gma Milne taking us out to Shari's for breakfast.  Londyn ordered Mac n' Cheese and fruit.  This kid would eat Mac n' Cheese for every meal.

As you can see, Zoe ordered a tube of milk.  She's pretty predictable.

We then took Nana Brendi to the airport.  It was so sad to say goodbye but at least we got to spend 2 whole weeks with her!

Londyn is such a good big sister.  Yesterday she told me "I love my sissy."  

After the airport, we had to go to the hospital for Zoe's blood draw to check her heparin level.  We arrived over an hour early but figured we could kill time by playing in the children's garden, which is usually one of Londyn's favorite places there.  Too bad she was in a mood and was over it in about 10 minutes.

We then spent the rest of our waiting in the lobby.  Londyn and Andrew are just the cutest together.

After 5 pokes and 4 different people including an IV specialist, two hours had passed and we were all beyond beat.  Both girls passed out on the way home.

I was so bummed out that Londyn's birthday was spent at the hospital, but my sour attitude quickly turned when we gave her our birthday present.  Her very own dollhouse.  Can I just say, I LOVE CRAIGSLIST.  I still can't believe we got all of this for 50 bucks.  The house has so much potential and the extras are what make it a little girls dream.

She stayed up way too late last night and ALL day today playing with her dollhouse.

We then dropped Zoe off at my parents house and took Londyn out to Red Robin for a special birthday date. 

I love this little girl so much.  How can you not be happy when around her?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest, most hilarious and witty, cutie pie - honey bunch girl.

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