Life goes on and we ARE LIVING IT!

After our recent unexpected hospital stay, we are finally getting back into a routine and enjoying this beautiful Summer sun.  

I have always been an out and about kind of gal but to avoid germs and large crowds for Zoe's sake, we spend most of our time at home or with family. 

Lulu "playing" in the sprinkler... she mostly just runs around the water and not in it.
Zoe likes to chill in the backyard too!
We headed up to the farm last Friday and hung out at my brother's house with my nieces Mikayla and Emma and nephew Kyler.  Being in their pool was probably the most relaxed we have all felt in the last few months.  
 Mikayla got to hold Zoe for the very first time.

All of a sudden Zoe has become so much more alert and active.  She is reaching for objects and batting at toys, pushing with her legs and arms, and holding her head more often.  She is a strong girl in so many ways!

Daddy's Girl
 Londyn loves to call Zoe her Sissy

Holding her head up in the Bumbo

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