Fourth. Family. Food. Fireworks.

Our 4th of July couldn't have been better.  Lulu and I started the day off by heading to the ward 4th of July breakfast at Snyder Park.  We arrived a half hour late but still made it in plenty of time to partake of delish grub.  After stuffing our faces, Londyn played with her friends at the park.  Here she is with Kate on the swings.

After much needed naps for Lulu and I, we went to a family BBQ at my brother Eric's home.  I think we all voted unanimously that their house is the new party place.  Their backyard is amazing and so spacious!  It was such a relaxing evening and my sis-in-law Sarah added so many cute and patriotic touches.  Thank you Eric and Sarah!

Introducing... our Lady Liberty

And our little BIG Firecracker

It wouldn't be the 4th of July without a HK pinata... am I right?

Mr. GQ

Of course, Andrew led the firework because he is all about blowing things up.

Lulu has such sensitive ears that she would only watch the show from the bedroom window.

My favorite part of our family gathering was letting my nieces and nephew hold Zoe for the very first time.  Ever since we brought her home, we have been overly sensitive about germs and how fragile she is.  The timing was right as none of the kids are sick or have been sick recently and Zoe has grown so much in the last two months.  We went from oldest to youngest, sending each of them inside to wash their hands before  snuggling their baby cousin.  Capturing each of their moments with Zoe was precious.  They each just cherished her.  She is blessed to be so loved.

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