Zoe Grace: Exhale

Sunday is a day of rest and it was just that for Zoe.  As much as we wanted her to be taken off of the ventilator, she just wasn't quite ready.  Dr. Huffman (Neurologist) was watching Zoe's EEG on her computer from home and saw sub clinical seizure activity.  She ordered more Phenobarbital, which made her extremely drowsy.  The poor girl had been through so much since Thursday, that she was entitled to some much needed Zzzz's.  We went home pretty bummed that we didn't get to hold our Ziggy, but Andrew gave her a good talkin' to before we left and told her he WAS going to hold her the next day.

Andrew's talk proved effective because today was a very good day for Zoe.  We really needed a good day. Zoe was extubated at about noon and came out of it very well.  She took a deep breath and coughed several times, which is exactly what she is supposed to do.  Although, right when the Respiratory Therapist decided that she might need high flow oxygen and put the stickers on her cheeks, she decided she wasn't having any more tubes on her face... so she managed to stabilize her O2 saturations, along with her respiratory rate.

After getting some long overdue snuggles with our bundled babe, Zoe needed more blood drawn for a blood gas and to check her levels of Heparin.  The IV team tried to get blood but she just didn't have very many areas left to poke.  Dr. Banks (Intensivist) ended up drawing from her arterial vein, which he says is one of the most painful things he ever had done in med school.  To make matters worse, the sample the nurse hand-delivered to the lab started to clot before they could test it.  That's right, they had to draw from her arterial vein AGAIN!  But at least they got enough this time and her blood gas came back great, but her Heparin levels were low.  Our doctors may be changing the dosage on her anticoagulant medication if necessary.

Zoe has been successfully getting breast milk in her new G-Tube at a slow rate, which will continue to increase as long as she tolerates the feeds.  Also, all of her meds that were being given through the IV are now being given through her G-Tube.  At this point, she doesn't really need her IV anymore.

The plan is that as long as she remains seizure-free and stable tonight, she will move down to the pediatric floor tomorrow.  One floor closer to going home!  Our doctors want to make sure she is doing well for at least 48 hours and that the dosages on her new meds are just right before sending us on our way.

Today felt like a giant exhale, as if we have been holding our breath for the last 4 days.   As we established after Zoe's heart surgery... we are all on ZOE TIME, learning patience and embracing tender mercies.

Andrew was the first to hold Zoe since Friday.  He missed his little girl so much.

LOVE seeing those beautiful brown eyes open!

Cutie Patootie

Daddy & Nurse Erika gave Zoe a much needed sponge bath.  I love her... but she was stinky.

So in love...

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Tamsen Shilling said...

Kacie I am so so happy he is doing better!! I hope and pray she continues to get stronger each day!