Shortly after Zoe's funeral, we were gifted many generous donations from church members in our area towards a family getaway.  We continue to be amazed at the kindness from those around us in our darkest hour.  Some we have known for years and some not at all.  

Since Andrew finished school last week and starts at Intel next week, we took advantage of this one  and only week to get away and enjoy some much needed family time.  

We decided to check out Great Wolf Lodge in Washington.  With only a 2 hour drive and rave reviews from family and friends, we couldn't pass up the opportunity.  

The resort was awesome.  Londyn loved everything BUT the water... which is the main feature.  I think she was overwhelmed by the loud water park and huge amounts of splashing water.  Although she didn't fancy the water slides, she did enjoy the wave pool.  It was her favorite!  By the second trip to the park, she was learning to float and "swim" in her complimentary life jacket.  

What 3 year old doesn't love elevators?

Daddy and Lulu being silly while waiting for our food at the Camp Critter Bar & Grille.

The GWL has Story Time every night at 8pm by the clock tower.  Kids gather to hear a story and see Wiley the wolf.  This was right up Lulu's alley and she was all about Story Time, both nights that we were there.  During the day, we would catch her practicing the wolf cheer... "stomp-stomp, clap-clap,{insert howl}"

At the Cub Club we red books, played puppet show and made crafts.  Londyn LOVES crafts, so she was all over painting this treasure chest.  While painting, she said she was going to take this to the cemetery and show Zoe.

We also booked an appointment for a Scooops Spa (yes, that is 3 o's) manicure.  Along with a tiara, Londyn got to keep the nail polish of her choosing.  She picked hot pink with silver sparkles.  Along with the overly priced manicure, she got a complimentary dish of ice cream.  

About 30 minutes North of GWL was a Cabela's.  As discussed on the drive there, Cabela's is like my Nordstrom's for Andrew.  When we lived in Utah, there was one not far from where we lived.  Luckily, we do not have one nearby here in Oregon... so I had to give in when Andrew found out how close we were to the mecca for outdoorsmen. 

On the second night of Story Time, Lulu stood in line for at least a half hour for this super fab balloon animal.  Apparently it is a kitty cat, but we ran into a wolf... a dog and a rabbit that all looked like our kitty cat.  Hmmm.  

On Wednesday morning, we headed to the breakfast buffet, packed up and checked out.  It was certainly nice to get some R&R together as a family.  I think when we go next time, we will try to go with family or friends so Andrew and I can hit the water slides together.

All tuckered out on the ride home.

All ready for preschool this morning and Lulu was excited to wear her new Great Wolf Lodge shirt.  I just love this sassy girl.  All I have to do is say I'm going to take a picture, and she gets in photoshoot mode... hands on hips, smiles on lips!


Nicole Heiner said...

Andrew, anytime you need to go on a trip to Cabelas I am here for you. I stopped at the one in Eugene a few weeks ago.


Kelly(M&M) said...

Glad you guys got away together. Looks like Lulu had the time of her life. :-)