Zoe Grace: Perfect in Every Way.

 Zoe Grace was laid to rest on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at Middleton Pioneer Cemetery.  Her funeral service was filled with love through words, music and prayer from her grandparents, cousins, sister, daddy and mommy.  Her sweet spirit was felt throughout the entire program.  I am truly honored to be the mother of such an inspirational little girl.   

It was a Zoe day... perfect in every way.

{Thank you Mike Lyman for creating such a lovely program}

{Thank you Auntie Tanya for creating a memory box for all of our mementos}

From 9-9:30am, we had a private viewing for family.  Zoe looked angelic and peaceful.  We were so blessed to have many of Andrew's family members in town for the funeral.  We are grateful for all of the support from both of our families.

From 9:30-10:20am, we had a public reception.  After the reception, my brother Eric gave a beautiful family prayer.

{One last kiss}

{Thank you Hanna for this amazing gift of time and talent.  This quilt is so incredibly perfect.  I love that we can wrap ourselves up in Zoe's pictures and love.  We would also like to thank our Cedar Creek Ward family for their generosity in making the quilt possible and then some.}

{Both foyers of the church building had tables with framed photos to for guests to sign and baskets for stuffed animal contributions.  In addition, a precious photo and video montage that Andrew spent hours and hours putting together was playing on large TV screens.}


{The warm sun was shining and the skies were a crisp and clear blue.  The cemetery looked wonderful as a group of young men took it upon themselves to get together days prior to clean up and spread fresh bark dust.}

{My brother Kevin dedicated the grave with a heartfelt prayer}

{We released four dozen red heart-shaped balloons, one dozen for each month Zoe was on this earth}

{It was a breathtaking sight}

{One last goodbye}

{The Relief Society women hosted a gorgeous luncheon for our family.  Not only were the decorations so Zoe, but the food was Mmm mmm good}

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the stuffed animals we have received in honor of Baby Zoe, to be donated to the patients at Randall Children's Hospital. We have received SO many that we would also like to make a donation to our heart family, Mended Little Hearts of Greater Portland. 

{Thank you Auntie Steph for making these beautiful Zoe charms}

{Families Can Be Together Forever}

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doodles by debbie said...

So beautiful and tender! Isnt it a wonderful blessing and honor to have this true gospel? I know that my Redeemer Lives! I know you can be together forever and i am so very grateful to your precious family for sharing this experience with us. Thank you, and please know you are so very, very loved!