Can I get some Costco Looove?

Who loves Costco? That's right. Pretty much EVERYONE and their mother. Ever since I went on Costco runs as a little girl with my mom, I have adored flittering around to each station and snagging the tasty little morsels of goodness that they have offered as FREE samples. Ahh... Costco is truly an enjoyable experience. Aside from this tastbud-friendly pasttime, I have a thorough addiction to the "Costco Dogs" at the front of the store. I mean really, a polish dog and a 20 oz. soft drink for $1.50??!! Can you even attempt to beat that?? I think not! Personally, I love mine with a moderate amount of deli mustard, a hint of ketchup and an even layer of onions. Mmmm... I'm craving another, as I type! If you have not experienced this euphoric and tatalizing deal- go now. I mean right now! You will never want another plain old hot dog again.


Jadie said...

Yum! I'm on my way out the door now! (Nevermind that it's almost 11pm.)

A and K said...

Too bad you didn't get your hands on one! SOOO DE-LISH :)