To Do: Diet

Since getting married (only 2 months ago) I have noticed a few extra LBS. on this Asian body of mine and have decided to start a much needed diet. I have tried many in my time and have noticed that the only one that has really worked for me is the Atkins Diet. Now I know what you're thinking... "that diet is so un-healthy"... "you can only eat meat and cheese"... and "dieting sucks." Well, that last one is OH SO true- but the Atkins diet has come along way and is not just eliminating carbs and refined sugars. I did it the "old-fashioned" way in the past, completely deleting carbs from my grocery list. It worked wonders but I only lasted a few weeks- with great results, but aching for more variety in my diet. The new version, allows for GOOD carbs, lean meats, a limited portion of cheeses and a huge variety of veggies! Sounds do-able to me! I love all of those things and have never NEEDED carbs with the exception of rice (I'm Asian... what do you expect?) But I can do this! I am shooting for two weeks of the Induction period which a limited version of the diet to jump-start your body and then onto slowly adding what are considered to be good carbs in to regimen. Since I know you're all curious- I will blog my progress and keep you "posted" (hahaha P.S. that's bloggers' humor)


rlmquest said...

Kacie-I think your beautiful the way you are! Good luck on the Atkins...it did wonders for Kev!

A and K said...

Thanks Bec! It really does work- but this time I'm going to stick to it after I get results instead of bail once I see the pounds shed. That's my weakness! Love you!