Provo Temple

Last night Andrew and I went to the Provo Temple for the first time. We were both a little nervous considering the last time we went through a session was our very first time in preparation to get married. The minute we stepped into the temple and took a deep breath, my nerves were instantly gone. Somehow, Andrew always knows exactly what to do...
The Provo Temple is a beautiful place and we've decided to make our attendance a Friday tradition :)
Married life is the best!


stephanie said...

cute blog. it will be fun to check on you guys! you guys had a great reception. we had lots of fun. your 2 cute!! stephanie tanuvasa

A and K said...

Thanks Stephanie! I love your family :) You have the most beautiful children and I still miss having Addison and Mary in my primary class. It seems like forever ago that I got to spend that time with them in primary. How do I view your blog?