I stillll ... got it!

On Tuesday morning I interviewed for a position at Merrill Gappmeyer Family Medical Practice with Intermountain Healthcare's Urban South Region. The position is a Patient Coordinator which is right up my alley. The interview went really well and I felt so great about it! They said I would hear from them by Wednesday. When I didn't hear from them yesterday I was pretty bummed... and went back to the drawing board. Ugh. I was at work today training for my new Saturday job and got a call! I was offered the position! I start orientation on Monday! Aside from the drug screening and shots that I have to go through tomorrow- I'm stoked! Needles aren't my fav- but I'll survive for this kind of opportunity :)

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Jadie said...

What, this over the Mall Help Desk? LOL! Congratulations--that sounds like a dream job!