19 months

Londyn has never been super attached to any "lovey" but she has some serious separation anxiety if ever without her "pappy" AKA: pacifier. About 6 months ago, she was doing really well only needing her pacifier during naps or at bedtime but she is always getting or getting over being sick, which has led to lots of pappy time. Sometimes she'll be without it and start blabbing to herself and then she'll blurt out the word "pappy" which leads to instant desperation.

Patiently awaiting breakfast to be served... with bedhead and said pappy.
With the flirting sun these days, Londyn repeatedly pushes her nose up against the windows and says "side? side???" We bundle up and venture outside for a bit, but with the wind and rain spurts... it doesn't last for long. I can't wait until the Summer with her! We will definitely be taking advantage of as much of the Oregon sun as we can get!

These piggytails are our latest trend. I love that her hair tends to naturally curl. She must get that from Andrew's side of the family! I hope it lasts!
Who me?
I love this little ham

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Brendi68 said...

She's a Ham alright!
She is getting SO tall!