Belated Valentine's Day

Inconveniently, Andrew had Drill over Valentine's weekend, so we weren't able to celebrate together until the following Saturday. All I knew was that at 4pm he was kicking me out of the house for 2 hours... sans kiddo. I decided to check out a new clothing store that I had been wanting to go to but just couldn't see myself trying on clothes with the 19 month old crawling out and into other people's dressing rooms. Yikes. I was excited for some "me time" but after about 30 minutes of shopping... the alone time was just too lonely. I missed the chaos that is my norm.

I couldn't wait until I could go back home!

I was greeted by a snazzy dressed Mr., a delish smelling home and Londyn with a babysitter. He led me into the kitchen where he had prepared and presented a romantic meal including flowers and a bunch of Odwalla protein bars that I have been wanting (but didn't want to pay that much for a snack!). The meal was even more significant because when we were living in Utah, Andrew once surprised me after a long day of work with this very setting waiting for me when I got home. The fresh bruschetta, pasta with sausage and red sauce, Mediterranean green salad and of course, Martinelli's. My favorite part was that we got to spend alone time together in our own home, without the hustle and bustle of going out. Since I don't get to see the Mr. very often, just having him at home and all to myself was the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

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