Nerds are HOT!

A few weeks ago, the speakers for our computer died and instead of buying new ones... my electronics guru of a husband decided he would just whip some up on his own! After purchasing the materials, it was only a few hours of work and WAH-LAH, we have speakers!

I have always had faith in Andrew and his aspirations to become an Electronics Engineer, but one of the most admirable qualities of his ambition is that he genuinely has a passion for the knowledge he is gaining in school. Although as he explains things to me, I feel a bit defeated when the topics I bring to the table are the the various consistencies of poop a 19 month old can produce... and his include words like Thevenin, NAN gates, oscilloscopes... transistors... etc. I am beyond proud of him for setting an example for our family, to work hard and love what you do.


Johnathan and Jannene said...

Awesome work man. Sounds like things are going well. We're happy for you guys and your lil' family!

Lisa said...

Yes, Nerds are WAY hot!