Last Saturday was my 25th birthday and I wasn't really forward to the day because Andrew had drill all weekend and most of my family was at the BYU vs. OSU game in Corvallis.  I threw myself a pretty big pity party the entire week prior, but when the day came- I wanted to enjoy the things I did have that day. 
Lulu and I didn't have an agenda for the day, so we did some of my favorite things!  Our first stop was Costco, where we were able to hit up all the samples- some of them twice... shhh don't tell!  Usually, we're in a hurry and the chaos of Costco gives me anxiety, so we don't get to fully enjoy the samples experience.  So this was a treat!  Following Costco, we headed to the mall.  I got a few items at Motherhood, did some window shopping and then watched Londyn play at the indoor playground.  
While some of my fam was at the football game, my mom was watching 6 of the grandkids.  She took us all out to Red Robin for a birthday dinner.  Going out to eat is hands down, my favorite thing to do!  When we arrived, they were already seated and showered me with hugs and gifts!  My nieces Mary and Jen made a fabulous cupcake bouquet and my niece Kaylee gave me a cute container filled with candies!  Aren't they just the cutest?

So although I didn't get to spend the day with my man, I most definitely felt loved.  

I am really looking forward to this weekend, because Andrew is going to celebrate my birthday with me!

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