Yesterday was an inservice day at PCC, so we got to have Andrew all to ourselves… all day!  We started the day off with a doctor’s appointment and then headed to Baggensto’s Farm.  We took Londyn to Baggensto’s last year for her first pumpkin patch experience.  She had way more fun this year because she could do everything!  We got to do a  kids hay maze, see goats and chickens, dig for potatoes, play on the playground and take a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins.  Andrew and I each picked out a larger pumpkin and Londyn got to choose two baby pumpkins.

It was such a treat to have Andrew home for the day!

I never know the method Lulu's madness, but she felt it was necessary to go around kicking all the pumpkins.  Maybe that's her secret to picking the perfect pumpkin?  Not sure.

Before dinner, Andrew carved his pumpkin and Londyn decorated hers with markers and stickers.

*more pictures to come of Andrew's finished creation.

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